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Native Advertising

In layman’s terms, the best way to explain what Native Advertising, would be… “The advertisement looks like it’s part of the website’s content, but it’s really not!”

Native Advertising, blends in with the form and function of the platform that it appears on. You can say it’s transparent! On some website’s, such as a blog, you might come across an article that was written by the editorial staff, and through native advertising, there will more than likely be another article that follows the exact same format but instead, it promotes an advertisers product.

Types of Native Advertising.

  • In feed Ad Units
  • Search Ads
  • Recommendation Widgets
  • Promoted Listings

Native is “Transparency” and It’s also Sponsored Content.

Higher Visibility

The chances that consumers were able to see native ad placements were 28% more than your standard banner ads.

Is it an Ad or Editorial?

Consumers spent 5% more time looking at native ads than actual editorial content, and they spent the same amount of seconds viewing native ads as they do editorials.

Branding on Mobile

Statistics show native ads has met Media Buyers’ branding goals by 98%, proving to be super effective.

Drive Sales!

Native Ads have a 21% increase in getting consumers to make purchase vs. banner ads.

Social Advertising

In a nutshell, social advertising takes data from social networks and uses that information to connect ads with qualified consumers.

For example, if you set up an advertising campaign for “Car for Sale!” on Facebook, you can use the Facebook advertising platform to tap into its data and target everyone who shows interest in “Cars”.

Direct & Effective!

Social advertising can contribute to your campaign’s success by using the characteristic traits of the consumers using its service. These behaviors gets tracked and the data is collected by the Social Networks. Social Advertising utilizes this information, and allows you to use it to your advantage with your campaign.

Target your prospect by gender, location, age, and more to get a better reach of the audience who is right for you.

We’ll test your social campaign, optimize it for the best ROI, and Scale it!

Social Networking is BIG DATA!

  • Twitter: 307 Million Active Users
  • Facebook: 1.01 billion Active Users
  • Google: 2.2 billion Active Users

That’s a whole lots of people with data to give you a more precise targeting method!

Mobile Advertising

Everyone uses a mobile device…

  • Mobile Phones out number TV Sets: 3-1
  • Mobile Phones out number PC based internet users: 4-1
  • Mobile Phones out number Laptop & Desktops users: 5-1
  • That’s HUGE!

    Through Mobile Advertising, you get to reach to your consumers no matter where they’re at. Whether your goal is to get more app installs or increasing your sales – We know how to engage your consumers through strategic Mobile Advertising. We plan strategically, optimize accordingly, and execute properly.

    Display Advertising

    Display Advertising is your traditional method of advertising on the web.

    You see it everywhere, the “banner at the top of the website”, the “banner on the side of a website”, the “banner that animates”, and the “one that plays a video and makes noises”! It’s your standard form of advertising with media online.

    Strategic Design & Strategic Planning

    Captivate your consumers with a design that works. We get creative and straight to the point when it comes to making things happen, and we believe that the more well planned out a design is, the better it will guide your consumers to perform an action!

    We test for user experience and dig deep for the proper data needed to best contribute to your campaigns objectives.

  • Feature your Ads on Relevant Sites
  • Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Take advantage of A/B split testing
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